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Conway CPAs, LLC

2019 Tax Filing Season

Contact Us Greenville (903) 450-1200 Rockwall (972) 771-1065

What do we need to prepare your tax return?

  • We need a signed Engagement Letter, click here to download pdf
  • We need a 2019 Tax Organizer.  Fill out this form: click here to download pdf
  • You can scan and upload your tax documents using Conway Company CPAs ShareFile
    • If you have an electronic copy of your tax documents, you can upload these to your secure ShareFile. If you would like to have a ShareFile folder set up, please contact our office.
  • We need all tax documents you receive
    • We do NOT need all of those receipts
    • In a lot of situations a summary sheet or spreadsheet will work just fine for our needs. Summarizing groups of receipts such as business receipts, medical expenses and charitable deductions can save us time in doing so. If you would like to take the time to do the summarizing, it may keep the price of your return down in the future
    • These records are needed in the event of an audit, so please keep these in a safe place.